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This is just the sample keeping for size, did not do a "finished" product.  Will when not so under the weather. But wanted the measurements on here for someone, with the other two done,   

 This really is just a plain old box measurement .    This is the bottom and starts with
10" x 8.5" piece of stock or paper.  
Score on the 10" side at 1", 2", 8", 9"
Score on the 8.5" side at 1". 2", 6.5", 7.5"

Next, after using the folder on the scores cut exactly as above, removing the outsides of the corners from the long way  - The outside along the 1" score, then the 2" score to the 2" score, but removing the first inch and trimming the wee flap.   Do this on all for corners. 

Now fold it together as if assembling to ensure you do not need any trimming on the edges or corners,   Sometimes, if not cutting true, it is necessary to do a wee angle trim on some ends of the inside flaps.   When certain it is going to fit perfectly -----  take your adhesive or tape, putting close to the outside edge on each flap for turning in.    Now, take a longer flap, fold over to go over the next inch putting the tabs for that corner in place under and adhering, giving you a sturdier side than one layer,   Repeat for the next long side, and make sure all sides are adhered well. 

The top you are going to do exactly the same as the bottom except your measurements will be different.  

 Top measurements are 10 1/8" by 8 5/8" and score lines on this will be
10 1/8" side:  score at 1", 2", 8 1/8" and 9 1/8"
8 5/8" side : score at 1", 2", 6 5/8", 7 5/8"
Enjoy     And if you want a larger box it is easy to just add inches but keeping the 2" for each side extra on it .  So if you want for a 5 x 7 would use a 9" x 11" and add the extra
 1/8th" on the top measurements. 

Have fun  Do in the colour you want and decorate to match the cards, or make ahead in white and use paper and whatever on to do the same.  That gives you a box to decorate ready to work on.

This is the same pattern as the open front below, but thought actually for cards, this is better. 

Again a 12" x 10" piece of paper, but with this one you score more.   
Score on the 12" side at 1", 2", 6.5", 7.5" 10", 11"
Score on the 10" side at 1", 2", 8", 9"

This shows the first cut which is removing the outside 2" from the top part again as in the first one.

For this box we do not remove the long pieces on the sides, but instead as the picture shows, make the flaps at the 6.5" to 7.5" marks, and trim

Take the flaps for the bottom part and again, put the adhesive or tape along the inside close to the edge of the paper, fold over onto the second inch of side placing the tabs under and adhering.    Should look like this except with your sides completely adhered.  

This is the finishing together bit, where you turn it over, tape or run adhesive along the inch edge.  (used two stips of tiny tape because at the time the wider one had taken a walk about)

Flip around fold back towards the middle and place the lid down on the box front adhereing the sides to each other. 
Finished box. looking the same as the open front, but all sealed together.  The ribbon is adhered along the back of the box, something always done with ribbon, so it stays,  Just undo the bow and open the box.,  Also, if wanted take a small circle punch and punch half out in the middle of the front piece to be able to get the cards out easier.  

Have fun

This was made using CTMH "confetti" paper, piece of their pearl bling, and ribbon and flowers from stash, 

This is a box that saw on Gina K in different dimensions a long time ago with an open front.   Changed the idea to a different measurements, and finished look and also with a completely closed one as well.  Have no idea when would use an open front one, but it is always a possibility for something. 

You are going to start with a 12" x 10" piece of paper, and score at:
12" side -  1", 2", 6.5", 7.5"
10" side - 1". 2", 8", 9"
Then crease all scores with the folder, and cut down to the 6.5" score at the 2" line on one side, 8" on the other.  Next take and cut into the same depth at the 7.5 score line, and remove the first inch as shown.  These tabs here were not trimmed yet, so don't forget to do that for a better finish.

Now you are going to again cut along the 2" scores again at the other end for the flap and fold over and in fro the side at the 2" depth and your piece should now look like this. 

 Folding it to look this shape you will have the tabs on the sides sticking out, so put your tape on the first 1" part near the outside edge on both sides,  fold over to the inside of the box placing the tab from the back panel underneath and adhering.   When both are done this is what it looks like

This is the finished box and the whole front lifts up, so can be for cards or anything.   Could not find my magnets, so had to use tiny velcro, so it puffs a bit at the join. 

Box made with CTMH "confetti", pearl bling, and stash flower and ribbon


When done the tutorial ones below tried to colour the next day and it worked. 

This is the Aloha Stamp  A1157  

Wanted to try a yellow combination, and did the tip to tip to get the darker green added in as being a "Juicy" marker, think it would have added more than was wanted.  

Stock:  Autumn Terracotta, White, Pear  Close To My Heart
Touch Twin Markers:   34, 35, 37, 49, 234, 235
Cougar stock for colouring
Bitty Bling  Close To My Heart 
Ribbon :  Stash  (oodles here )

Have a super day all.  

Hi All  promised the people on our Touch Twin Group a tutorial as some have never used alcohol markers, and we are now (as of August 1st for you all) carrying 24 of them.   Yes !!!! love it. 

Have never done one, and need a tripod for pictures, but here goes.  And all the colours are not available through CTMH come August, but this is a combination used a lot here, and it would show great, so used it. 

This is how I set up anything colouring.  Two pages the same, one for keeping and one for the posting. 
 This is the one for this flower which is from  stamp set  B1432,  "Love This"  so did a few on it to play with.

The first step, which was to colour in the middle with the lighter colour (one of the ones carried) 234 - Leaf Green

 The second step to colour in the middle of that area with the second colour coming to Close To My Heart as well.  235 - Olive Dark Green

Next step is to start the petal colours and chose 211 - Tiger Lily for the darkest colour  and added with flicking strokes from the green out.  Never the same or even as flowers are not usually like that.  

Don't worry about imperfections, except the green in the middle.  Left to show, yes do the same as every one else, make errors in the colouring, but this will be a sample kept and the good ones used.  Have bad hand days and this was one, but promised this tutorial before this. 

Next colour in line to again do out from the 211, overlapping the start point into the 211 colour was with 23 - Oorange

Again with the flicking method, and not to worry about the missed areas, all comes out at the end.

The third colour is 33 - Melon Yellow.   and it was started, again overlapping the 23 up to the edges.  

 The colour difference is able to be seen here, and although the middle looks darker it really is not.  

Next we go over again with 211

See how the flicking kind of disappears, that is ok, still gives an uneven edge to the colours which is what is wanted

The second coat with 23

See how it looks not too great.   That is ok.  because after this I went over it again with 211 to keep the middle section the darkest and it all blended in as you see below.   Also for this one only did one coat of the 33 a the top as wanted it that colour depth.  Adding another coat would have darkened it.

Here is the finished  flower.  It has the colour differences, and the flicking for the uneven colour going into the lightest one.

Hope this was helpful to you.   And yes, am going to go over the middle with 235 again as it dried not quite as dark as wanting. 

Here is one done with two colours that we will be carrying, but no flicking, just colouring .  They are 198 - Tender Pink and 140 - Light Orange (Which is actually more pink)

Generally you will not see me put any names to the markers just numbers. 

This was not a good day for colouring and today is not either, so just posting as is.  On any card, you will never see any blips as do not colour on bad days usually.   

Thanks for bearing with me for my first tutorial, and hope it was of some help to some persons. 


 Don't you just love the paper.   This is of course the Close To My Heart Basics Fundamentals in black using both sides.  The shiny and the regular.  Love this Neutrals assortment as it can be used for so many cards.  Sitting on the shelf was not working, so decided that this cat with the shades called for a masculine card in black and grey :) (watch for beautiful colors in this paper August 1)

The Digi supplied is from Eureka and is called   Cool Cat With Shades

Close To My Heart 
Paper Fundamentals Basics Assortment  Z1939 
White Daisy Stock    1385
Licorice Opaques(half pearls) from before

And,  Touch Twin Markers in CG2, CG3, CG4
Momento Ink for alcohol colouring. 

Here is the reason this was chosen, as it was to be for a favourite line for a "chic flic" which I do not have, but my favourite line of all times is from an old Clint Eastwood film called "Every Which Way but Loose"  We had a lot of laughs watching that one and this line just made this scene. 

 For those of you not having seen it, this motorcycle gang who thinks they are the biggest, baddest worst gang ever, (not!!) all end up being bald and purchase the most hilarious wigs you can find.  Picture the huge old fashioned stereotyped guys on bikes with pink, blue, blond and whatever from short to long in their gear, and  you got it.  And after riding on a highway :) They are stopped yet again by Eastwood and the sheriff, who in the midst of laughter looks at Eastwood and says, "Unfortunately there's no law against stupidity".   Love, love, love it.

That's my story and stickin' to it.

Also entering in
Fan-Tastic Tuesday -  Anything Goes
Through The Craft Room Door -   Square or Rectangle and Anything Goes
Twisted Tuesday - Twist is pearls and lots of layers

Hi you all.    As you can see, not many posts lately, was not really into things a lot for a long time, but doing for challenges on a couple of design teams only. 

Well,   Got word a short while ago that my favourite products line - Close To My Heart was now in partnership with my also favourite and only makers used now.  Touch Twin. 

Of course this became an absolute "no brainer" as they say, and had to rejoin immediately.

Since colouring is something loved, and they have 24 colours with Close To My Heart for now, and some great stamps for colouring as well,  it has to be done.   
On that note:  will be starting to do tutorials for the markers and will  post on here as well.  

If you want these, just sign up for the mail and follow as well.  You will receive the posts in your mail and will be able to save on your system if you wish to use when off line. 

Videos will come as soon as I learn them and get a tripod :)

Have a wonderful day all,  going to get a card posted here for tomorrow for the DT still on, which we use given images for, so no, will not be CTMH.   Then the tutorials. 

This card is done with the beautiful shimmery stock Stardream in the creamy quartz and the light mauve kunzite.   Love this stock for special cards,    
The dies are Marianne dies from Christmas,  still using some of them for the first time on actual cards.   Used 5 different dies here. 
LRO202, LRO159 (2), LRO298, LRO299
Mini pearls of course from Close To My Heart (stocked up on them)

The inside matches the front with the bottom piece in it, and room for vellum printed in mauve for the sentiment inside. 

Hi All.   Back again with a sketch challenge card.   This will be the last one for me as a Design Team Member.   It has been a year and time to allow someone else to have some fun with these.   That does not mean there will not be any sketches done am sure. 
Thanks to the team for making it a great year and Michelle and Darla for all their work with it.    

This card is one yet again with a wooden stamp.  Thinking it may come off the block.   Having to try and get it stamped 4 times before getting it all there just does not make sense to me.  :)

Stock:   Close To My Heart White, Goldrush, Pear
Stamp:  Penny Black,  sentiment stamp, SU, Teeny Tiny Wishes set
Ink:  Close To My Heart Goldrush
Ribbon:   Elan
Inks:   Twin Touch 24, 33, 211, 59, 92

Here is the challenge

The original sketch:  


This is for The Crafters Cafe Challenge Blog for this week.  
Challenge is for polka dots and ribbon on the card.   
ok  here is the real card now that the camera is up and running again. 

 This is a cute design from  The Stamping Boutique

Stock:  Gina K white and bubblegum pink
DP:  Recollections
Punches:  SU
Sentiment Stamp:  SU  Teeny Tiny Wishes, saying "Hello Baby" 
Ink:  Gina K  Bubblegum Pink
Ribbon:  Stash,    Thought there was a lot of polka dot ribbon,but not in any colours to match the image, except this one, but is has the pink, blue and yellow in it.   So works. 

Challenges entered
Through the Craftroom Door - anything goes
Fantastic Tuesday - Anything goes 

Don't you just love the paper.   Actually had purchased on the weekend on a shopping trip that generally never happens, and it just caught my eye.   Got the design for this weeks card this morning and -   A butterfly was on it.    Gotta love it. 

Took the Gina K base weight white and added Turquoise Sea, then this paper from Reflections to it along with a bit of Elan ribbon.  

Then took the butterfly stamp from Judi Kins sponged so long ago cannot tell you what was used, except the diamond glitter.   Had to be a year ago.  Adhered this with thin pop ups.

Next came the turquoise half pearl type things and my Bitty Bling, both from Close To My Heart. 

That made it finished.   The inside is the Gina K Turquoise Sea with a strip of the paper on it as well.   Such a simple one to make, but made me smile and hope you do too.

Here is the challenge  and this is the original sketch.  Actually almost did it this time.   :)

Hi everyone.  Back to a "me" type of card more than the last one.   This one is for a group am in that is mostly overseas persons.  Great group and they decided to do a challenge, wanting  to see a "pinks"  card.    Fun, just doing what want.  

This is a "Wooden" stamp.  Anyone who knows me also knows that they are absolutely the last thing to purchase as don't like using them, but loved this image, and it was on sale.    What can one do?  Purchase it !!!!

Really liking doing the square cards so much more than the tiny ones.   Play room.  
This is a stamp from Inkakinkadoo. and it was perfect. Then decided to try the promarkers that have been sitting here.   They had a special on the 2013 limited edition colours (24), and since all the gals were raving about them, this was a way to try and get some colours not here in markers.    It was great, found three to work with in the same kind of tones, and played. 

The stock is a shimmer pearlized stock 5.5" square with bazzill layered.   Had a heck of a time finding stock that matched the markers, again doing things backwards.   

The white for die cut cannot say, just pulled some pieces to stamp the new stamps on to see what they looked like, and ended up colouring it.   Sure it is not the marker paper.   Too white.  :)
So.  For the markers, used the Trick or Treat, Peony, Fresh Bloom, Pressed Leaf  for the florals and then added a touch of Capri Blue for the shadows in the bowl, and went over them with my blender to take away some of the blue.   

Die cut is the Lacey Circles from Spellbinders, with a larger one on the inside over the same pink stock, and two wee flowers coloured to match with bling in the middle of them, ready to personalize. 
The bitty bling again from Close To My Heart, and the ribbon from my fabric store.   I love to go and see the ribbon before getting it.  Generally otherwise, it sits here unloved.  
That's it .  The "pinks" spur of the moment card.  Hope you enjoy it. 

For the markers,  they are not used before, so am thinking it may take a bit.  The blending is not as smooth a transition as the twin touch or copics, but again they have the nib like my twin touch that love to colour with.   Will keep using them with the others and see how they play out.  Not many colours, but pretty ones to add to the group in house already. 

Yes, there is a watermark over the design.  A couple of the gals on the line actually had the cards hacked, the pictures used on someone elses cards, posted, and seen by those stolen from.  Posting something you have stolen.   Really ????

Sorry, but if you are not able to colour, don't steal, buy premade digis and cut them out.  If you can't do that, find another hobby because you obviously are trying to do something not in your realm of capabilities.   We are all different for a reason.    That is the most polite I can be. 

This one kind of threw me, as knew my colouring in one colours is not done at all, especially hair, but thought grey would work for me, then had nothing to match with, so went on a hunt.   This dp was in a DCWV glitter stack. 

This was all greys and white with sparkle over her top as well as on the shoes and bow to match the sparkle in the glitter stock. 

Gina K white stock, DCWV paper and grey copics.   

The stamp is found here   in the art by Miran store on etsy.  
Challenge is here 
Since this was preposted due to time constraints, it would be back linked to any other challenge, so cannot do that, but will post on fb as always. 

This was supposed to be tilted a wee bit, but got it on the papers before realizing it was not.  So.  This is it.  Doing it sideways, that was meant to happen.   Besides, tilted the last one for here.  :)

Gina K Products here are:
Turquoise Sea, White, and Shabby Spring DP
And "Purr fectly Delightful" stamp set.   Love this guy and have used a bit.   

The ribbon is elan and just tied as made for anyone and a bow did not go with a guy cat  :)

 Here is the challenge  and below is the original sketch.  






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